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Big Jim visits June 2010

Big Jim visited on Monday evening June 14. I was in distress over my lack of patience with the healing process of an ankle fracture I sustained on May 25, 2010.  Many visited that evening from the angelic realm bringing me great comfort.

Big Jim and Majik.

As my dad, Big Jim offered fatherly advice along with a message for others:

You know everything is fine - you've taught of the healing from within, now you and many, many others are experiencing healing of the human body as well.  The mind, body and spirit are all as one - the human mind separates one from another, but the reality is that together they all create the whole.  As one aspect begins to heal, the door opens for all facets. 

The fear filled thought patterns and beliefs housed by the mind have tangible roots deep within the cells of the body.  When you release the thought patterns/beliefs that no longer serve you and dissipate the fear, physical changes occur in the body and the light of the limitless spirit shines forth.

The healing that is then set into motion takes on a life of its own.  This healing is easier when embraced in joy and gratitude.

Angels are on call for each and every one to aid in this healing of mind, body and spirit.  Ask and ye shall receive...

~Big Jim


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