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Notice the Messages - Love One Another

As most of you know from reading through the Soul Kisses website, my dad transitioned home on Halloween last year.  As we near the anniversary the remnants of grief come and go.  Recently while visiting with my Protector Guide, Chief Running Bear, he asked me, "You mad at Big Jim?" (He calls my dad Big Jim)  I admitted that, yes, sometimes I am, because his physical body left.  As I told Chief Running Bear this, I saw my dad riding through the night sky lassoing stars together to form a huge heart of stars for me.  I didn't know my dad could lasso - on a Harley no less... How could I be mad at him after that?

In conjunction with my dad, who now goes by Big Jim, (and with my mom's approval) we will be adding Messages from Big Jim to the Soul Kisses Newsletter.  Sometimes it will be things he has done or shown me since his transition - other times we'll ask him questions and share his response...

Kathy asked me to speak to you all - that's what I call her - she doesn't like it much, but I'm the one in charge.  The shootings of the children has been weighing on her - she cries for them and prays for them and asks the angels to get involved, so then everyone is busy helping out.  She's told you you're not alone while you're living there on earth - she told me that too and I had a hard time gettin' my mind around that. 

She's right - each one of you is a crowd of angels, guides, teachers and dead people (deceased loved ones) - one person's group could fill 40 acres! 

Take notice of God's message to love one another and to forgive because until you get it, there will be more messages - 911, Katrina, the Tsunami, they all brought the world together in love - tragedies do that.  Some of you are hard headed - I was - your angels will tell you to look within to understand and see the big picture.  You can do it.  Trust and Faith don't come easy, but they are possible.  Practice acts of kindness - you'll feel better.

~Big Jim


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