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Is Big Jim Really Here?

Taken From: Soul Kisses Newsletter January 2007

When a loved one transitions, the physical world teaches us that that is it.  They're gone.  Spiritually we learn that this isn't true.  That our loved ones are still with us, although they are no longer in physical form.  For Love Never Dies and the love connection will forever keep us close.  Of course communicating as a human to spirit can be challenging, it can be done.  We just have to keep our "logical minds" from interfering.

Two weeks before Christmas 2006, Majik and I were home alone making cinnamon rolls.  I was working away rolling out the rolls when I noticed my dad was there.  He was leaning against the counter, ankles crossed, arms across his chest, leaning, smiling and talking to me.  I could see him in my minds eye - not from across the room, so my physical world self questioned, "is he really here?" 

Something was said about my mom and I told him she was making her famous, most delicious Chocolate Chip cookies for my sister-in-law to take to some kind of function.  He agreed, yes, and Brenda, the sister-in-law, made Mom mad.  Of course I stopped what I was doing and asked, "Brenda made Mom mad?"  He started laughing and confirmed, that yes she had.  (Daddy always had quite the sense of humor when it came to two females.) 

I didn't ask what happened, but made a note to ask my mom about it when I talked to her.  Then I pretty much went on about my business of baking the rolls and wandering around.  Daddy started laughing and pointed out to me that it was hard for me to focus on our conversation.  In my mind I was thinking, I'm not sure you're really here... 

We ended up in the living room watching TV for awhile, then he left.  All the time, my spiritual side was saying, "Hey, your dad is sitting over there in Fred's chair watching TV with you, don't you have anything to say or ask him???"  While my physical world side was telling me it was my imagination...

The next day, I called my mom and asked her how the cookie delivery went.  She started telling me about how Brenda made her mad...  Holy McMoly...  I started laughing... what a validation that my dad really was in my kitchen leaning on the counter talking to me the day before!

As love would have it, my dad came back that afternoon and went with me to pick Fred up at the airport in the truck.  I told him I'd try not to scare him since I don't drive Fred's truck very well.  He told me nothing much scares him anymore...  He cracks me up...  This time I took full advantage of his presence and asked him questions daughters have when they need advice from their dads - and he answered them. 

(Mom got over being mad at Brenda.)

When a loved one has transitioned, their love binds you together forever.  They are as close as a thought.  Release expectations of how they will let you know and just watch, listen, and allow yourself to feel them - you will.  My experience has been that the loved one has connected with me within hours of their transition.  Some people will tell you this isn't possible.  I never believed that.  I didn't put restrictions or limits on what they could or would do, so my loved ones never waited to contact me. 

As in the story I shared here, even I have issues with my physical world self telling my spiritual self that "this isn't happening"  - and it is.  Allow the love you have for the person who has transitioned to lead you.  Ask for validation.  They're only too happy to give it.  Know that no matter what else happens... Love Never Dies...

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