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Big Jim Riding Through...

Taken From: Soul Kisses Newsletter November 2006

A few weeks ago Majik (the puppy) and I were sitting outside on the deck enjoying the, still warm, night air.  It was dark and the stars were shining brightly all around.  Suddenly, we felt a whoooosh of wind whiz past us - along with it was the feeling of Big Jim riding his Harley right in front of us - or perhaps even through us!  The trees didn't move, for the rush of the wind was only for us, sitting close to the house - out of any breeze that might be stirring in the night.

When Fred and Jesse joined us I told them of Big Jim's visit and the whoosh of air.  Just then Jesse saw a shooting star - or was it?  Was it the headlight of a lone Harley speeding through the night sky?

Daddy, was that you?

Yes, it was I.  I ride through quite often - stirring up the little dog on occasion.  We dead people are around more than you think.  When you acknowledge that we're there it always gives us a thrill.  There is so much love here - no fretting and worrying - ya'll worry about a lot of things, there on earth that just really don't matter in the bigger picture of things. 

It's amazing to see the prayers here - they're like shooting stars into the heavens - a lightning bolt of energy!  It's true every prayer is listened to by the big man himself.  Pray for one another and then let the prayers be answered.  It's true - you're not alone - not any of you! 

When you feel us - let us know we're connecting with you - it's like applause - we just can't get enough of it!

~Big Jim

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