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Big Jim and Spirit Lights...

Taken From: Soul Kisses Newsletter December 2006

A few days ago, I set the intention to visit with my Master Teacher, Ezra. I usually find him sitting on the edge of a high plateau overlooking a beautiful green valley. There are two chairs, one for me and one for him. On this day, as I hiked to where he was sitting, I was surprised to find that my hair was braided - so was his. Then I noticed my Protector Guide, Chief Running Bear to my left - his hair was braided too. I sat down between them and asked why my hair was braided. Ezra told me they had a surprise for me.

Next thing I knew my dad, Big Jim, roared up on his Harley and stopped right in front of me. We were all going to go for a ride. Daddy's skunk, Alvin was riding on the gas tank and was ready. Snuggles, his dog, got off the bike and sat in my chair (she doesn't like to share, so she wasn't going with us). I briefly gave thought to how Daddy likes to ride really fast and how I don't, but decided they wouldn't kill me, so I climbed on the bike, daddy twisted the throttle, and we were off!

As we roared into the sky, the day shifted into early evening. Below us I could see points of light - but they were not like city lights - these lights were projecting up into the sky, as beacons, and were of rainbow colors. Daddy explained to me that the lights were the spiritual element of us humans. We are seen as beacons of light from the other side by our deceased loved ones and our angels. The graduated intensities of the lights show the level of spiritual development.

As we watched the lights below, the lights would grow brighter when they connected with another light.  This was the sharing of love.  As one light touched another, then another, then another, all the lights began to grow brighter - it was a Domino Effect.  The sight was truly breathtaking and filled me with awe.

As we traveled through the sky the feeling of peace was palpable. Amazing - peace on earth...

I could see the turmoil of Mother Earth and of the people. I could also see great patches of vibrant, loving energy. Yet where we were, above everything traveling through the fourth dimensional realm of divine mind, the feeling was one of peace, joy and an all encompassing blend of opulence and love.

The meaning of the word "surprise" doesn't come close to describing the experience of my connection that day. Know that you too, can connect with those you love who have transitioned as well as your guides, teachers and angels.

This is shared with permission of Ezra, Chief Running Bear and Big Jim.

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