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Big Jim's View of the World Today
January 2007

Kate:  Daddy, what are your thoughts about the state the world is in?

Big Jim:  The first word that comes to mind is - bleak, but there is always "hope."  As a people we collectively think that we are one person - what can one person do?  But this isn't true.  From here it's easy to see that one person's actions have far reaching effects - the Butterfly Effect is true.

Each and every human is connected to the next human.  As humans every prayer is heard and every prayer is answered.  As a collective consciousness the world can be healed.  From  here - on the other side (it's really exciting to say that) we can see pockets of "hope" - pockets of healing - people collectively praying from a point of love for world healing, for people to heal.  Belief that asking for healing in the name of The Big Man, God, can make it happen - this is the key to really making it happen.

The world is in trouble, but the people are seeing this - one at a time and by using prayer, love and action a change is becoming initiated. 

So how does the world heal?  One person at a time - till it becomes the collective consciousness of the world.

It's never too late to evaluate who you are, what you are and where you are.  Look at your life honestly - discern and make the appropriate changes - as humans we tell ourselves we are a product of our environment, but everyone has a choice.  Most choices are made unconsciously.  Everyone has a mind - everyone has free will - it is up to each individual person to use it and not simply follow the leader.  Think - and consciously make decisions.  Look within.  What would Jesus do?  It's a good rule to live by.

Jesus, the Big Man, told us all those years ago to "love one another."  This is a concept ya'll on earth need to look at, reflect on, and bring into every day lives.  Ya'll need to love one another and be tolerant of one another.  From here,  I see clearly how each one of us has the spark of God Light within and that we are all one.  Treating someone else with hatred, racism, or even chauvinism just doesn't serve anyone.  It's like treating ourselves that way and we wouldn't do that.

It's all about looking at things from a "proper perspective."  Don't take what others have taught you and blindly believe everything.  Look within and make that connection with God to "know" what is really true for you.  It might sound difficult, but when you believe in the Big Man, it really isn't that hard.

Ya'll love one another and be tolerant of one another, it'll change the world."

~ Big Jim

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