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Archangel Michael?

This encounter happened many a year ago at Christmas time.  I was in New York City with my husband and mother-in-law.  On the way to a restaurant I saw a young girl wrapped in a plastic garbage bag lying on the cold concrete.  People were walking by in groves.  She had a paper cup in her hand.

I had seen how cold she was with nothing on except this bag.  I went over to her and started to wrap her up with my scarf and gloves.  My family was a bit afraid - as were the other people, as if they would catch something from her.  I refused to leave even though my family kept saying we had to go.  I said no, not until I know she has help.

While having words with my family, I turned around and it seemed out of nowhere this policeman was standing there.  I met his eyes and I swear it looked like what I thought Archangel Michael's eyes would look like.  I was transfixed on them.  He smiled at me and all I could feel was so much love coming from him.

He told me he would take care of her.  I waited to see what he was going to do.  He helped her up and told us he was going to get her help and to come with him.  We walked almost side by side.  He went into the subway area and I was still looking and he turned around looked at me and smiled again.  I got this feeling inside of such love coming from him. 

I kept saying to myself this is an angel and I feel it is Michael.  A sense of peace came over me that all was going to be alright.  I had asked my husband if he saw where the policeman came from.  He told me, no, he appeared out of nowhere...

Submitted by Mary M.

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