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Angels with the Dogs

Last summer my husband and I saw an abandoned dog on our road. We called the animal officer and when he came to pick up the dog he told us there was another dog that had been with this particular dog.

I immediately began to pray for the dog. I left food out and the next day the food was gone. Then I saw the dog and tried to get the dog to come to me without success. I prayed again and this time saw a vision of two angels on either side of the dog. The dog was bathed in a golden light coming from the angels. I instinctively knew that the dog would be led back to us by the angels.

Two days later a lady pulled up in our driveway. She had the dog in her car. Being a dog lover herself and owning 2 dogs, she always carried dog food with her. The abandoned dog went right up to her at the little park on our road because she was so hungry. The lady put the dog in her car and started to drive. Our house was the first she spotted and she stopped. I immediately, gave the dog some more food and cold water. I called the animal officer and he took the dog to a shelter with her sister.

Both dogs were adopted and both have loving families.

Kathy M.

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