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Angel in the Doorway?

My name is Ellie. I am 44 yrs old. I have believed in God all my life but never thought about angels until my mom told me something that happened to her. Back in about 1955 my brother who was 18 months old passed away. His name was Johnny. He was born prematurely and had many problems. The doctors all told my mom to institutionalize him but she refused. This was her child and she was not giving him up. Yes she was a strong, strong lady.

The night of his funeral she lie awake and she saw a very large white very bright figure in her closet doorway. She said the light was amazing. She woke my dad, who told her to go back to sleep, only she had not been sleeping. After experiencing this "angel in the doorway," she no longer felt the guilt she was feeling, even though there was nothing to be done. She was then at peace with the fact that God had taken his child home.

I have had many experiences myself. We think my mom did see an angel one or more other times. About a month before she passed away she called my sister who lives 90 miles away to ask her why she was in her room at 3 am and didn't speak with her? My sister told her, "Mom I was not there I was home." We think it was my mom's angel coming to lead her home.

God Bless,

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