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Since I have been in my 40's, I began to learn about Angels. I began to ask for help with problems I would encounter. Once the copier stopped working right before I went home for the night. I knew I would be in for a horrible morning trying to call the repair man to come out. I would have a long wait probably hours and hours and then the work would back up.  I asked the Angels for help to get it fixed as quick as possible. I was the last one to leave the office, so I decided I would call the repairman the next morning.

When I walked in the next morning, there were two repairmen working on my machine.  I asked them who called them to come in and fix the machine. They said no one had called, it was an annual check-up, and this is the first chance they had to get there.

Another time in that same office I misplaced a file. I knew I would have to spend hours, if not days looking for it. I went out to lunch and sat in the car and ate my meal. Then I put my tape recorder on and meditated for about 20 minutes. During that time I asked the Angels where did I misfile that patient's file? They whispered in my ear as I meditated, "It's not misfiled, just filed in the patient's file from a year ago. Check there."  As soon as I returned to the office, I went back to the previous year's files.  There it was... I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was driving down the highway a few years ago, going the speed of the other cars. I was in the center lane. A blue car was on the left side of me and a red car was in the left lane of me. We were all going equally fast. There was a bend in the road coming up and I could not see around the corner. I heard a loud voice in my head "command me to "SLOW DOWN, NOW!" I did so at that moment, knowing this was a serious request. It was a male Angel's voice. My speed dropped at least 10 miles down, if not more. As I rounded the bend, the State Police were there with a radar gun. Both cars on either side of me received tickets, but they did not get me. It was a speed trap. I thanked the Angels and gave a sigh of relief.

Thanks, Carol Pringle

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