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You will read throughout the Soul Kisses website about the terrible four letter word… F-E-A-R. I think I'm pretty normal as humans go when it comes to the fear factor.  Even with all my beliefs, I can take a beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful day and with just a few shallow breaths, get caught up in the physical world, and allow fear to take over completely.  It isn’t a pretty sight.

The angels have the patience of saints when it comes to me and fear…

Hmmmm… guess that’s their job….

Isn’t it amazing how we can learn something – know it as fact and still allow the physical world emotion of fear to take over?  As well as worry?  And doubt?

I love angelic dictation.  In writing to my angels, sometimes loved ones who have crossed over come in to add to the conversation.  A few weeks ago, while exercising angelic dictation, my cousin Vicki Hailey came by with my Great Grandmother.  I could see them in my minds eye – looking beautiful of course in a garden of Vicki's favorite flowers - yellow roses.  (Oddly enough, a neighbor had brought me a yellow rose the night before - something she had never done - the rose was even a little wilted, but still quite beautiful.)

This time Vicki explained to me about fear and why we as humanoids do certain things:

"(laughing)  Just wanted to let you know it’s really me – Vicki.  Listen to your angels, you are going to be extraordinary in teaching communication.  As a light-worker you will touch so many people – you already have – think about it – You’re not alone in any of this.  While in the physical body, we allow confusion and frustration to interfere with our peace, our joy and miss exciting opportunities – you won’t let this happen – allow the guidance of the angels... allow them to work.  I’m trying to help you feel the confidence, the self esteem, feel the steel strength of God flowing through you...  God isn’t afraid – with legions of angels and we loved ones who have crossed over, you can do nothing but succeed – Deem everything SUCCESS!

Be patient – as the angels told you, be open, be receptive, allow their guidance to come through – take down the dictation – automatic dictation – isn’t the computer age wonderful?  You’re already seeing me – yes, that’s me – don’t I look great?

You have your own fan club with you 24/7 – you really do – you’re not just giving lip service when you tell people they are a crowd of angels.  You repeat this and keep repeating it until you feel it in your bones – ok?  Because we really are here – didn’t your neighbor bring you a yellow rose?  That was from me.  Stop crying, we’re every where you know LOL – everywhere! You don’t think that yellow rose fell off by itself do you?  And why would she give you one that was wilting???  Because I asked her to...."

It all comes down to my way - trying to do everything on my own and allowing fear, doubt and worry to dictate what I do, or practicing God's way - allowing His will to be done in my life and following the guidance of His messengers, the angels...

Kate Large
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