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Angel Sergio...

It was late August, 2001, while falling asleep, that I had a vision of an angel. This was my very first "angel vision", so I will never forget it. My angel was dressed in traditional "angel garb," with outspread wings, and could've been a Botticelli painting, except his face was undeniably human.  He looked straight into my eyes with very somber, brown, piercing eyes. His ashen colored hair was shoulder length.  I recorded my vision and told a friend of mine about it the next day, pondered it, and then dismissed it, for I did not understand its meaning at that time.

Several weeks after 9/11, I walked past a neighborhood boutique wherein I had made several purchases. There were lighted candles, photographs, flowers and a large sheet of paper on the sidewalk with signatures and messages written on it surrounding the entrance. Startled, I stopped and began to read the messages. When I looked at the photographs, a frozen chill ran through my body.  I was looking at MY ANGEL! I immediately recognized his face in the photograph. He used to help me when making purchases in the boutique. I had no idea he was a fireman and he had lost his life on 911. I pondered why he had chosen to appear to me, as my only association with him was as a customer, and I hardly knew him. Then, one morning, as I got up from the breakfast table, a thought floated into my mind out of nowhere. "Tell "T" I have unfinished business. She will know what I mean" was the message. ("T" was his fiancÚ and business partner - and I told her this same story and relayed his message to her in a bereavement card.)

My angel continued to communicate with me, from time to time, in various ways.  I believe it is his wish that is prompting me to tell this "angel story" today, through your website.  I continue to pray for him every day. Perhaps your audience can pray for him, too. Just call him "Angel Sergio".

~~Agnes Davis


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