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Angels in the Garage...

Recently I participated in Angelespeake's "How to Talk with Your Angels" teleclass.  I was still a little unsure of myself - whether I was hearing my own mind chatter or the angels.  I had received an email from a friend asking me to talk to the angels for her.  This is what happened:

"I was supposed to be working on a paper for class, but accidentally locked myself out of the house after I got your e-mail (laughing).  You won't believe what happened.  I thought... "until my husband gets here to let me in what am I going to do out here?"  And the Angels said... "write to us..."  I'm thinking, "how am I going to do that...  I am in my garage?"   I look up on the shelf and there is a notepad and I had a pen in my purse.  So, I write to them and say, "Angels, this isn't funny."   They are laughing and say "We had to get your attention somehow... you wanted to know your life purpose"  Then I ask what it is and no answer! Then they told me, " Dear one, do not ask us how... do not ask us why... it just IS.  The universe out in space moves around without questions.  The stars do not have a light switch.  You ask too many questions, dear one. Believe in us and your dreams will come true."   Then (I am sitting in my car with the door open in the garage) I see through the window that this bird comes up super super close to me in the garage and I turn to look at it and the angels said, "You are like the bird... you get close to the answer and then run away!"  

So... lol...  I am working on remaining open, maintaining my faith and listening for the guidance of the angels.  Oh and by the way, I asked the Angel of Wisdom to help me with my school paper and I completed the paper in record time!


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