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A Surprise Visitor: Basil

A few months ago my dear friend, Liliana’s, father transitioned. When it had been a while since he passed, she asked him to let her know that he had transitioned OK. She asked, “Are you alright Dadda? Please let me know that you are all right.”

He was very creative in his response:

When I was visited with my parents my Dad (Dadda) and I would sit on the balcony in the evenings chatting. In the summer we would watch the migrating bats as they went to the fruit farms for their evening feast. Sometimes we would count them. There were 111 (one hundred eleven) one evening!

It is summer here now. Just a week or so ago, I was floating on my back in our swimming pool. As I lay there enjoying the sunshine, I spotted a bat hanging upside down in one of our beautiful palm trees. (Dad also knows I love palms.) There the bat was hanging by one leg only, as awake as I was in the middle of this bright sunny day, in a non fruit bearing tree all alone. This behavior for a bat is highly unusual.

“Are you all right?” I asked him.

After watching him for what seemed like ages, I went upstairs and got my camera. I sat down in a good viewing position and proceeded to have a conversation with my new friend, whom I named Basil. I asked him if he was all right and why was he only on one leg? It was then I noticed he had green eyes, like mine – he seemed to be staring at me. After quite a long chat, he climbed up the tree, with two healthy legs.

It was then I knew he was all right. I was so glad about that! Then he took off in broad daylight, healthy as you please.

Later that evening I realized that Basil was not Basil, but my Dad, letting me know with his green eyes like mine, that he IS ALL RIGHT.

A few days later, I told my Dadda that I really needed him to reassure me about something that he had said before he transitioned while in pain and under drugs. Basil, the green eyed bat brought the answer!

As I was working in my office that evening a loud crashing noise occurred on the roof directly above me. The family and I rushed out to the balcony to see what it was. Basil had landed on our metal roof!! Bats do not normally land on flat surfaces as they cannot take off again. They land only in trees.  After waiting for us to see that it was him, he then crawled his way across the roof to the gutter just above where I was standing and took off healthy as could be! Dad could not have been clearer in acknowledging what I had asked him.

Since Basil’s visits Dad visited in the house in another form!

One night before sleeping, I was chatting with him in my prayers in the pitch black of my bedroom.  I asked him about family.  I also asked him if he could help me with one of my human problems that has been bothering me. Immediately my mobile phone on the bedside table began to flash – not ring, just flash in the darkness. It was an acknowledgement from my dad that he heard me and is with me.


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