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Many years ago my husband and I were in Virginia doing a Teddy Bear Show and (We were Show Promoters and did them in RI. CT. and in VA. On one of our trips, I noticed my husband was not driving well. I finally took over the wheel. When we got to our destination, I convinced him to go to the Hospital in Virginia.

They discovered a brain tumor. The worse kind of tumor you could get. I had about $50.00 on me. (No ATM cards yet.) He had to stay there for almost two weeks.  To make a long story short, I stayed in a little hotel that the hospital provided for me. I just laid in bed all night and prayed to God to help me by sending me some money to pay for the meals in the hospital cafeteria and the other things we needed.  We did have insurance.

Thank God.

The next morning as I waited in the waiting room while my husband went through surgery, two ladies just started to talk to me. They were not from a church or from a church mission. They were just two sisters waiting for their friend to go through surgery. I told them a little about being in Richmond, Va. and about my husband brain tumor.

About 4 hours later when my husband was in the recovery room they asked the nurse to go and get me. I am lucky they remembered my name, at least part of it. (It's a hard name to forget.) When I went out into the hall to see them I thought they must have gotten me mixed up with someone else because I did not know anyone in Richmond Va. They said, "here is a check for $1,000. It was true, the check was "God Sent."  When I got home I sent them both a gift.

My husband passed away 1 year later. It was meant to be. I am lucky enough to have had many miracles like that sent to me. So, yes I do believe in Miracles.. Please just ask and say thank you!

Thanks, Carol Pringle

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