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***Soul Kiss Note:  A new friend learned of the Soul Kiss website and shared the following...

I've been haunted every night (in a good way) by your site.  Something kept pulling me to check it out, but of course day to day life, stress and worry, overcame my thoughts and I didn't.  As I lay in bed in the quiet, both before I fell asleep and after my husband left for work in the early morning, I would think of  

Finally, this morning, I came upon your wonderful site.  It touched me in ways that I can't describe... with tears and happiness.  Yes, it brought me to tears.  What a wonderful and beautiful site!  

I had to show my kids.  Jack liked the doves.  We have a few that have made a nest near our house, and one day one of the beautiful white doves sat on our window sill and watched us.  For three hours, this bird sat there looking in, never flying away.  Not when the kids went right up to the window.  And not when my husband got home from work and gave it some crusts of bread to feed it and make sure it was ok.  

The only time it moved from its spot on the window was when we left the room to have dinner.  It was then the dove confirmed it was more than just a curious bird, but more of someone trying to say that we were being looked after.  It moved to the step of the sliding door in front of our kitchen table and sat there the entire time we ate our supper.  

I told the kids it was God's Messenger letting us know that He is here to watch over us.  He's making sure we are fine and as tough as things can get, that things will get better for us.  

Your site has reminded me of this at a time I really needed to be reminded.  We have seen our share of ups and downs (more downs unfortunately and this being one of those times).  I have told myself many times that we have many things to be thankful for, two in particular, but sometimes it's good to see this from another source.  The doves and the content of your site has reaffirmed that for me. 

Thank you.


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