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I was a single parent, living in Toronto with one son, and working full time at The Canadian National Institute for the Blind as a Social Worker. I’d always had perfect vision until one day, while sitting at my desk, I was shocked when my central vision started to blur in my left eye while I was reading a document. As the day went on, my vision worsened, so much so that before the day was over, I had an appointment with the eye doctor.

After a series of tests, the ophthalmologist could find nothing seriously wrong with me. Nevertheless, within two days I was horrified when I could see only black through my left eye. It was December 15, 1990, a day I will never forget. I shook with terror as I looked into the mirror and said out loud, “What is happening to me?”

I immediately sought advice from a dear friend and gifted psychic, Carole Matthews. “Get the tapes, You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, and listen to them every night when you go to bed for three months,” she said. I remember thinking with more than just skepticism, ‘My vision has gone in one eye, and I’m supposed to listen to tapes?’

With little else to do, I bought the tapes and began listening to them each night before bed. It was amazing. Within a few days, I began to look at life in a more positive and healing way. I started paying more attention to my thoughts and to the words I chose to speak. I learned that the mind is extremely powerful and that what we think does manifest.

Prior to my vision loss, I remembered saying things like “I don’t want to ‘see’ this anymore,” and “I can’t do this anymore.” I had very negative thinking. I remember feeling stuck. I was burned out!

I wondered, ‘Have I created all of this?’

‘Yes,’ I realized. I was responsible for my vision loss! The power of my mind astounded me. But I realized that I could manifest the power to heal myself too. Each night I would go to bed listening to audio books by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and many other wonderful authors. I researched hands-on healing techniques such as Reiki and learned that placing my hands over my eyes every night could provide a healing energy. I was intrigued by self-healing and the possibilities. I soon took a Reiki course and received my degree.

My thoughts had changed, and my vision was returning gradually. Three months passed when I suddenly had an urge to draw wildlife birds! With no prior art lessons, I began to skillfully draw, first a blue heron, then an eagle, then many more wild birds. I was amazed how this urge to draw just poured through me effortlessly onto paper. I felt magical. My birds were magical. Everything I sketched became alive on paper as well as inside of me!

The more I sketched, the more my vision improved. I continued this healing process until after two years my eyesight was fully restored.

Today, I am a commissioned artist/designer living and growing on magical Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, and I am proud to be exhibiting and selling my work across the globe. I have an online company where I sell my cards and other artwork. I thank the Universe for giving me the opportunity to change how I looked at life and for showing me the power of my thoughts. The gift in losing my vision was in truly learning to see.

~~Andrea  Leake

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