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Uncle Hershel/s Unexpected Visit...

A couple of years ago I had reconstructive surgery. As with any type of surgery, there is a certain amount of pain involved.  My pain tolerance is zilch.  So I was using the pain medication prescribed for me.

A few nights after the surgery, I settled down for bed, and took my allotted pain medication.  My partner, Fred, tucked me in and went back downstairs to watch TV.  As I settled into the bed, I decided to meditate.  I was new to connecting with the spiritual realm and had been reading Doreen Virtue's books.  In them she recommends no alcohol, no caffeine and vegetarian diet. Then I realized, yeah, right, I just took two prescription pain pills, nobody will connect with me tonight.  Just for grins, I tried anyway.

I began to breathe deeply and move into my meditation place...

Immediately, I realized I was in an outdoor café with Fred. I looked over to my left and my Uncle Hershel, who had crossed over a couple of years before was walking toward me.  I was so excited to see him I started to cry and rushed over to greet him, giving him a great big hug.  I looked around excitedly to introduce him to Fred, but Fred had gone inside the café.

Hershel and I sat down at a table and I told him I noticed he was walking well – the last time I saw him, he was having a terrible time walking and was using a walker.  He told me there is no pain on the other side.

He then looked me over, and told me how proud he was of me for having the surgery and commented on how great I looked.  Then he started telling me how hard the illness I have was on my mother - how hard it was for her to watch me deal with all that goes with Parry Romberg Disease.  I knew it had been, but in hearing his words, I began to really understand how difficult helplessly watching me had been for her.  Then we began to talk of other things.

Next thing I knew, Fred was sitting on the edge of the bed demanding to know why I was out of bed and why was I crying?  I told him I hadn’t been out of bed, I had been in bed since he went downstairs.  He insisted that he heard me walking around and just why was I up?  I told Fred all that had happened and explained I was just so happy to see Hershel that I was crying. I could see my explanation wasn’t flying with him, but I stuck to it.

It was then that I realized if a loved one really wants to communicate with us, they will – even if we’ve just taken two prescription pain meds.

Kate Large
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