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Indian Guide

There were many visits from Ontario to Salt Spring Island B.C., within a one year time span before I had made my final move to the West Coast.  It was in Ontario where I completed my Reiki and began to sketch Wild Life. The journey had begun.

Each night I would go to bed reading books by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and many other wonderful authors including listening to their tapes.  Drifting off to sleep, I would go to a beautiful place in my mind visualizing every single detail of this special place, including the smells and feelings that surrounded me. 

I was in a beautiful Inlet sitting with middens (an indication and site of human settlement made with shells, animal bones) surrounding me.  I often sat on a log that had been washed up on to the beach, molding my feet into the crushed white warm shelled beach.  This place was magical!  There was an area just behind me with long tall grass that defined a path.

There appeared a wise Indian walking gracefully across the path and down toward me.  He proceeded to sit down beside me with a silent demeanor.  He either sat in silence or asked me if there was anything I needed to know.  He did this with just a look.  It was always perfect and a blissful feeling that filled me with peace and contentment.  After awhile he would stand up and return back to the path toward the middens.  This was the place that I went to every night in my visions.

When I moved to Salt Spring Island in 1997, I had many adventures along the west coast.  One of those adventures took me to Long Beach, a beautiful part of Tofino B.C.  I went for a long walk with a friend along this beach.  As he was walking ahead of me, he called out to me as he had taken a turn around a group of bolder rocks asking me to hurry up - wanting to show me what he had just found. 

It was an Inlet with a beautiful shelled beach.  Just as I was climbing onto these rocks and looked ahead, I froze in my footsteps!  I was breathless and called out to my friend.  Before I continued to walk, I related to him in detail, what the entire Inlet looked like - describing the path etc.  He checked out the area.  It was a mirror of where I went to in my visions each night. This was breath taking!

The picture, on the left, is my Indian Guide from Long Beach.  He showed up on the curtain in a photograph I recently had developed. He is always with me as I continue with this exciting journey on the West Coast.

I truly believe that if we are open to our Spirit Guides they will come to us whether it be in our dreams or manifesting in places that will get our attention.

I myself am a believer and will continue to encourage any visits and words of wisdom that they wish to share with me.

~~Andrea  Leake

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