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In my beginning days of connecting with the other side, I used Sylvia Brown’s meditation tape.  Through her meditation technique I learned to connect with the other side and discovered who my Spirit Guide is.  Her name is Gabrielle.  She is sweet and lovely.  At first, I was somewhat timid and shy about asking her things, but then I grew more comfortable with her.  I began to share our conversations with my partner, Fred.  At first he rolled his eyes, but he learned that wasn’t a very good idea.  Then he would patiently listen to my account of the conversations with Gabrielle.

A few weeks after connecting with Gabrielle, I was in my meditation meadow, relaxing, releasing negativity, preparing to go into my meditation house, when I noticed a man standing at the edge of the meadow.  He wore a long flowing robe.  I knew I was safe here, so I just continued with what I was doing – I laid down in the grass and proceeded to make what would have been a snow angel, had I been lying in snow…

After completing my “grass” angel, I went into my meditation house and sat down in front of the fireplace.  When Gabrielle arrived, the man was with her.  It was Jesus.  Gabrielle didn’t say much during this meditation – Jesus and I did the talking.

The next few meditation connections the same thing happened.  Jesus and I did the talking and Gabrielle just sat there patiently.  I shared this with my partner, Fred – that Jesus comes to me in mediation.  His comment was that at least now I was going to the top…

The next time I met with Jesus and Gabrielle, I asked Jesus why he was coming to me and chatting with me now, instead of Gabrielle.  He told me, “I have more clout with Fred.”

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