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One night when I laid down to sleep, muscles all over my body hurt.  I had worked hard that day and everything hurt.  I tried to get comfortable, then I just gave up and tried to meditate –without falling asleep.  While waiting in my meditation meadow to release negativity, I laid down in the grass to make my wonderful “grass” angel.

Next thing I knew, Jesus was sitting next to me.  I had had a rough day and was so happy to see him, that I started to cry.  He leaned over me and said, “Dear One, don’t cry…”  He then laid his hand on my shoulder.  Instantly all the pain in my body dissipated and I was filled with incredible blissful joy.  Within seconds I fell asleep and slept the most peaceful, restful sleep.  When I woke, my body felt wonderful!

Kate Large
Soul Kisses

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