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The Missing Film...

I am writing this to explain a situation that happened to me on September 30th, 2001.  I have not told anyone of this experience - because some may not understand - and to have the intensity of joy I felt that day translated to words... well I am not even capable....

I have been a wedding photographer for 32 years - on Sept. 29th, 2001, I photographed a wedding in the Port Elgin area.  The wedding itself took place in Port Elgin, and the photographs where taken at various locations (5 to be exact) that where not close to each other - we had to drive a distance to each location. The reception was held in Underwood later that evening.

After the reception - I was putting away my equipment and double checking the total number of rolls of film that I took.  Oddly enough my count was off by one roll - I started to panic and turned every equipment bag inside and out - I searched frantically under the seats and on the floor of my vehicle - I looked everywhere for that one roll of film. I counted and re-counted all the rolls several times and came up with the same number - still one roll short.

I went home feeling literally sick to my stomach - through all my years of photography; I had never experienced even one lost roll of film - until now.
I tried to sleep that night - but could not.

In the morning - I decided to look again - but this time I heard a very strong voice that told me to get into my vehicle and go look for the film. It was a very foggy morning thus reducing visibility. I started talking "out-loud" to the "voice" - and I said "I don't know where to begin"... the voice said "just drive... I'll tell you where to turn"... I did just that.

On the way - I realized that I had passed a couple of the locations I had taken photographs... I wanted to go back and look there... but the voice most emphatically told me "NO... just keep driving"... I did as I was told - and realized that I was definitely being guided and from then decided to place my entire trust in this voice.

I drove through Port Elgin and Southampton - I realized that I was on my way around to the Indian Reserve - the second location I went to the day before.

I parked my vehicle - and glancing out the window, looking out in the direction of that vast grassy area now obscured by the heavy fog to where I took the pictures.  I walked to the opening in the stone hedge to the grassy area and stood there straining to see through the fog - sort of disheartened - it was a very large area and to find the missing film would not be easy. I said to the voice "you are going to have to show me where".

Immediately - my legs just started to walk - in a specific direction - like I was being led by a remote control. I walked in a straight line through the fog about 30 feet - I stopped suddenly - looked down - and there was a little black film container. I knelt down, picked it up and opened it - inside was the film - safe and dry.

I walked back to the opening in the stone hedge (on the same straight line from where I came) - I turned and looked at the visible path I had made through the wet grass - Suddenly I became very weak - and leaned up against the stone hedge - I realized that I had been guided by a divine source - I cried uncontrollably and gave thanks and praise to God and to the guardian angels that He sent me. I cried and cried and then said out-loud "I wish I could hug you"... instead I had the most overwhelming feeling that there where arms around me - hugging me from both sides! I could feel the love, the warmth and the caring and the level of joy inside me was incredible...

That feeling of joy and warmth from the hugs stayed with me for months - and even as I sit here writing this - I can feel the closeness of my Heaven sent angels.  From that day forward - I talk to my guardian angels (I believe there are two of them) I know without doubt or hesitation that they are always with me - I am never alone -  I keep a little piece of paper (with this experience written on it) inside the same black film container that was once lost. Every once in a while I get it out and re-read what happened to me - and it somehow renews my belief that God sends us his protection, guidance and love though his messengers even when we feel down and out or least expect it.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with you.

Elaine Lang

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