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A Loved One Crossed Over...

Death used to be scary. So final.

Now I know better.

We meet people in our lives who touch us profoundly.  They come to us, we learn from them, then they move on.  In my case, I met a wonderful lady whose name is Nancy.  She came to me as the aunt of the love of my life.  Nancy had cancer.  In her final days, I spent many hours with her, learning about her view of life, the things she loved, what made her laugh – her essence.

The essence of Nancy, in the physical world, and now in the spiritual world, is beautiful beyond words.

I felt her struggle with the pain of cancer in her final days at Hospice.  She was in such pain, that we thought her small, frail body would not take one more day, but it did again and again.  I worried about her, when she was alone in her room –  with no physical people.  Then I learned first hand, my dear Nancy, wasn’t alone at all...

I was sitting at the foot of her bed, facing the door when He walked in – Nancy’s husband Ed.  Ed passed away before I met Nancy.  I saw him come in from the corner of my eye – He walked around behind me.  I watched Nancy, watch Him – as He walked behind me.  I turned around and no-one was there.  There were others in the room so all I did was quietly, mentally, thank Him for being there.

The next morning, I stopped in to see Nancy on my way to work.  She was alone and I thought sleeping, but when I kissed her forehead, she opened her eyes and saw me.  I whispered to her that I had seen Ed the night before.  She got the biggest smile on her face!  I asked, “you saw him too, did you?”  She shook her head vigorously - yes.  I laughed and told her he was really looking good.  She told me, yes, he was.  I took her hand and told her it was ok to go be with him.  She agreed, yes, then she drifted off to sleep.

In the days before Ed’s appearance, I worried about her, but after he came, I felt peace within me for her.  Nancy passed a few days later.  Physically she’s gone, I miss hugging her sweet self, but I know she’s with me, because I talk to her and she talks back...


Comfort from Nancy:

As Nancy’s health declined, I began to spend more time with her, making sure she ate and had everything she needed and wanted.  When she wouldn’t eat anymore, I just gave her my undivided attention and tried to make her as comfortable as possible.  She was such a sweet lady.  She gave me great insight as to how to allow others to be who they are.

Before she crossed, we had conversations about communicating once she got there.  She wanted to know how to do it.  I told her I didn’t know, but maybe she could send yellow butterflies to let me know she was ok.

After Nancy crossed, I saw swarms of yellow butterflies – everywhere.

About a year later, I made a major move to another city – to a new life.  As humanoids, we question ourselves repeatedly about whether every little decision is the “right” one.  The move was a “major” decision and yes, I quizzed myself regularly about my wisdom or lack of.

One morning I was really feeling particularly skeptical of whether I had done the right thing.  I opened the door to leave and right at the step – two feet from the door was a huge yellow butterfly balloon.  I quickly woke my daughter and showed the balloon to her – we agreed, it was Nancy’s way of telling us that everything was going to be ok – I had made the right decision in moving us.


Nancy is always helpful:

In holding the beliefs that I do, I have come to understand completely that my way doesn’t work and God’s way does.  Left on my own, unsupervised so to speak, I can really put a monkey wrench in to any task or project.

In creating the first Soul Kisses business card, my enthusiasm was rampant. I laid out the text, artwork, checked the spelling, the phone number – I was set.  I printed out the cards, punched them out and with great pride took them upstairs to show my daughter.

She looked them over and sincerely asked me, “You did this on your own didn’t you?  You didn’t ask the angels to help you, did you?”  I was a little taken aback… I thought about it and responded that yes, I had done it on my own, “why?”

She then pointed out to me that I left off the website address.


So, when I manage to keep this in mind, I ask the angels for help before starting anything that I should really have supervision in doing.

In 2002, we began to look for a house.  We wrote down everything we wanted the house to have and put it in our prayer box.  This list was quite unbelievable, but it was our list, so we asked God for it and put it in the prayer box.

During meditation, I asked if we were going to receive this house of our dreams.  Nancy came in and told me I was going to love the fireplace.  It’s always such a treat to hear from her – even when she scolds me for holding on to fear.  She scolds me a lot for holding on to fear – I should have it down by now to just “release” it!  She seriously tells me, they (she and the angels) cannot help me when I’m afraid – and to keep breathing deeply!

Jesus told me to stop worrying about the house,  He was working on it.  When Jesus tells you to knock off worrying, it’s a good idea to knock it off.

We moved into the house on September 11, 2002.  The house was looking for us as much as we were looking for it.  I love this house.  I’ve blessed it so many times, it probably glows from outer-space.

Nancy was right, I love the fireplace. Her picture resides either on the mantel or near the fireplace as our special link.


Nancy’s birthday:

Last year we held a birthday dinner in honor of Nancy.

There were four of us in attendance – plus Nancy of course.  Three days before the event, I sat down to my computer and wrote to the angels and asked if Nancy was there.  She was.  I told her of the birthday dinner plans and asked if she would come.  She told me she would be there with “bells on.”

We chatted for a few minutes.  I asked her advice and she gave it – good advice too I might add.  She told me to tell her son a few things and her nephew.  She scolded me for being afraid to listen to my inner guidance and to stop worrying about finances and my daughter.  Nancy assured me she was watching out for my daughter and she would be fine.

I asked Nancy to show me something to validate our chat.  Then I asked her what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday.  She told me cheesecake.  I told her I don’t know how to make a cheesecake, so she told me to get a frozen one. (I never buy frozen, I always buy a box.)  I asked her if I should get some fruit for the cheesecake – she told me “no need.”

In the coming days, I watched and listened for some kind of validation of our chat.  I never noticed anything.  Then the night of Nancy's dinner, we put her picture on the table and enjoyed the meal.  After dinner, I brought out the thawed cheesecake with a single candle.  We sang Happy Birthday to Nancy and waited to see if the candle would blow out….

It didn’t.


The phone downstairs rang twice – “ring, ring” and Fred said, “That’s Nancy, with bells on.”  We all laughed and blew out the candle.  We dished up the cake and I asked Nancy’s son what her favorite dessert was.   It took him forever to answer me. I thought I was going to have to shake him to get him to answer.  Finally, after pondering he said it was definitely cheesecake.  Holding my breath, I asked him if she liked fruit on it.  He told me she definitely wouldn’t eat fruit on it.  Whew!  What a validation!  I couldn’t wait to get upstairs to read what else she told me!

Kate Large
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