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Angels and Pigs...

This one is the most recent of my "experiences" - it happened in March of 2002.  I was on the job at the time - my work partner and I had a high priority transfer to London with a patient who needed "more specialized medical intervention".  I was driving the ambulance that day, and we set out on what we call a "code 4 transfer" - which really means "get there safely and as fast as you can".

I decided to take the inland route through Blyth, and not far from there heading south, there was a curve in the highway ahead of me - I noticed as I approached that there where cars and trucks stopped on the road (in both directions) and once I got close enough realized there where 5 or 6 men on the road trying to subdue 3 very large pigs that had obviously jumped out of the back of a little trailer.  Right beside the trailer (it's gate swung wide open) was another poor pig that had landed in the ditch. The snow was very deep, and the pig just lay in the snow - up to it's chin - it looked like it had been struggling to get out of the deep snow.  There where 2 men trying their best to move her.

I noticed them men on the highway where beating the poor pigs, and they showed evidence of bleeding on their backs and heads - that always makes me feel very sad..... they could not herd the pigs and the tension was running high.

I knew that my patient had to get to London - and this delay seemed to be taking time - so I asked my Guardian to "show me what to do".  A minute later I got out of the ambulance - retrieved the long spinal board from an outside compartment and headed for the pigs. I was warned by the men that the pigs where very agitated and I could get hurt. I did not respond to their concern - especially after how they treated the pigs - I put the spine board down beside me horizontally - walked up beside one of the pigs and the pig instantly began to walk with me along side the spine board - then another joined in directly behind the first pig, and then the third pig followed. The pigs and I walked slowly toward the trailer, when we got to the end of the trailer, they jumped up into the trailer, and the gate was closed.

Now the poor exhausted pig still in the ditch - she seemed so tired from struggling - still up to her chin in the snow - the men where still beating her and twisting her little tail trying to get her to move - she could not.  I walked up and knelt beside her and placed the spine board along side of her - she was breathing very heavily and I gently scratched her behind her ear and asked again for some help.  I spoke to the pig, and said to her "I want you to try to get over here onto the board"...  It seemed like only an instant the pig managed to raise her front leg high enough out of the deep snow and extended her leg onto the board - her hoof caught hold in one of the side openings we use as handles - she pulled and wiggled herself onto the spine board - all by herself - and once onto the board we pushed her up onto the road - she moved easily because the spine board has a slippery surface on it.  Once onto the road side- the gate was opened on the trailer and she too jumped into the trailer.  All these men - which where now more than I originally saw in the beginning - seemed stunned to think a perfect stranger (a woman at that) could have authority over such a dilemma they themselves could not conquer. 

No one said a word, and I walked back to the ambulance with my spine board smiling and joyful - and laughing to myself - knowing who was really in charge of that experience. I thanked God again for His guidance through the angels he had working with me that day.  In the meantime, my partner who was in the back of the ambulance with the patient had been watching the whole thing - and relating to the patient what was going partner could not believe her eyes, she was flabbergasted, and the patient had a good laugh - even in her critical condition!

Is it not so wonderful how God uses us to do his work??? I felt privileged that day, that He used me to solve the dilemma!  Once the traffic cleared, we where on our way, and arrived safely in London on time!

My partner for months (and even now occasionally) tells this story to everyone she knows - and my colleagues have since dubbed me "The Pig Whisperer".  I smile to myself again, knowing the mighty hand that was really responsible!  Our Lord does indeed have a sense of humor!

Elaine Lang

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