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Saved by Angelic Intervention

I believe that God himself on many occasions has set forth angels of protection for my daughter and myself.

Just one instance in my troubling youth, I at a tender age of 17 was involved with a "boyfriend" who was very abusive. At one point he and I were parked in the alley behind his parents garage arguing, he locked my doors and took gasoline from a can inside the car and shook it everywhere, he said if he couldn't have me then no one could, and he reached in his pocket and pulled out a lighter, I know physically he was 10 times stronger than me , but I believe at that very moment a very strong angel of protection who moved through me grabbed the lighter from him, made it able for me to throw it out the cracked window. And taking more abusive hits, seconds later his father arrived home, he got him off me. This person is now in Federal prison for murdering 2 people, his ex-girlfriends grandparents.

Praise God he can no longer cause harm to other innocent people.

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