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Stairway to Heaven

A few years ago I went for a walk down to the beach to do some thinking. On arriving I noticed I was the only person on the beach in either direction ... complete solitude. I walked through the water's edge for a while before sitting down, looking out to the horizon .... just thinking and reflecting inwardly the marvel of both nature and solitude. I sat for ages, it was like time stood still for me. I am a very spiritual person and on leaving I looked outward to the horizon and upwards to the skies and silently thanked the universe for all that was.

At that moment I was moved to take a photograph so that I would have the memory of this time forever. On development of the photo I was moved to tears ... I knew right away with all that was in me that I had captured something special .... something amazing. In this photograph is a true reflection of all the emotion entwined into how I felt that day I spent in solitude on the beach. I have re-visited this same spot every time I go to West Aus and get the same peaceful, serene feeling ... for me truly is Heaven on Earth.

~Helena M.

Face in the water's reflection:

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