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Tribute to 911
shared with permission of Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswold are the authors of "Angelspeake a Guide How to Talk with Your Angels".  Included here, in it's entirety (with permission), is the newsletter from September 11, 2003.  Below you will read what really happened on September 11, 2001 as told to Barbara and Trudy by someone who was there, Michal F. Judge, a Franciscan Friar who died while giving last rites to a fallen fireman...

September 11, 2003

Dear Angelspeake friends.
We are writing a new book, "Postscripts from the Other Side."  Here is an excerpt from Father Mychal F. Judge, a Franciscan Friar who died on 9-11-01 while giving last rites to a fallen fireman. Even though the book is not yet published, we thought you would want to see this particular message today, on the 2nd anniversary of September 11.

Mychal F. Judge  -- d. 2001

Dear Father Mychal,  What really happened that horrible day, September 11, 2001, from your point of view?

My dear ladies,
It was the most wonderful day you can imagine.  Love connected us all.  Love came down from the heavens and the souls of the dearly departed rose from their bodies to meet that love and to join hands. In a special instant everyone connected in a way that has never happened before.

Everything about that day was fitting and proper.  It was like heaven and earth came together in one moment and all the world was united in care, concern, and love.  The ones leaving and the angels coming in their magnificent glory, and prayers uniting them with those who were left, was beyond description.  Never in the history of the world has there ever been a more magnificent event.

Here is what happened as it happened.

You will notice that the ones who were able to get through on their cell phones all called people they loved!  Every one of them had accepted they were going to die, but their first thought was not of fear for themselves, but to reach out to say goodbye and I love you.  By that action alone, you know that there was peace in their hearts just before they died because they were in a state of love. 

There was no anger.  There was actually a great deal of camaraderie.  As people jumped from the towers they often took that first step by holding hands with a friend or co-worker.  They offered themselves up to the unknown and leaped to their fate.  And I want each and every one of you to know this, for it the most important thing I can tell you.  As each person took their first step into the unknown, their soul simultaneously left their body.  They did not know the agony of the fall, or the pain of impact.  They were with God and His angels from that first step.

As that is true, so is it true that there was no pain for any of the victims.  Each one, as a willing sacrifice to God, gave his or her pain to help of all survivors.  What a wonderful gift! Much was done on a soul level that is beyond human understanding, but the rest was in God's hands and God, in his mercy, took each soul into his lap and praised it for the sacrifice it made for the good of mankind.

Yes, the good of mankind.  Did you notice how each person, struck down in his prime, was a happy person who had much love in his or her life?  Did you notice that they were successful, busy, healthy, and had families to mourn them?  Did you notice that they were accompanied by care and concern from all over the world?  And did you notice that not just Americans were involved in the sacrifice, but 67 other countries?  This was not an American event, this was a world event.  The mere fact that it happened in the World Trade Center assured that truth and as others write the history books, the real meaning of that will become more apparent.  For the fall of the World Trade Center, did not just take lives, it began a whole new era of understanding for every country in the world.  It may not be apparent today, but it certainly will be seen as such in later years.

Did you notice that all types of people were drawn to what became known as Ground Zero.  Even though quick means of transportation-airplanes-were unavailable, it did not stop those who were called to help.  Thousands of people, within hours of the event, got in their cars, jumped on buses, or even walked to the site to begin to help. 

Television did not begin to show what happened afterward.  People came from all over New York City to help.  They brought their hands to help the survivors, and then ended up helping the store owners and people who were made homeless in the area of the event.  People cooked who had never cooked.  People of means swept dust.  Beds were needed, children were helped, and mourners were comforted. 

People came from all over the world to help.  Canadians and Nova Scotians came over the borders in spite of security.  Newfoundlanders came by boat, as well as many from our eastern shore.  Today it reminds me of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where the characters were drawn to Devil's Tower and they didn't know why.  They just had to go.  Their hearts led them, not their minds.

I am ahead of myself.  I want to tell you about the moments of impact because it was the best time of all.  Trust me on this.  I was down below giving Last Rites to one of my fireman friends, when I passed over.  Now, because I am no longer limited by barriers of time or space, can relive the moment of impact myself.  It does not matter if the impact was at the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, or a field in Pennsylvania, it all happened the same way.

Just before impact, the soul left our bodes.  Like the connection left the phones, so did our soul leave our body.  We were immediately cut off from life in a totally fearless and painless way.  As our soul left, there was a moment when our focus was shifted to angels, saints, and loved ones who had gathered to help us cross.  There were mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, and friends who immediately surrounded us in love and to welcome us into our new awareness.  Every one of us had people there to welcome us.  Every soul!  I was briefly surprised that there were so many and that some of the ones I was happiest to see were ones I did not know in this life.  They were dear ones who did not choose to be born at this time, and thus were helping me from that side.  That was especially wonderful when I connected with them.  It was the grandest reunion you can imagine!

My message for those of you who were left with the grief, financial decisions, explanations, and fears, is to be happy for us.  And even though you know that, and want us to be happy, we understand that because you cannot see us, you feel abandoned and alone.  You are not.  We are just a breath away from you.  Ask for us to come to you when times are difficult.  Just say, "Honey, are you there?  I love you and miss you and need your comfort right now."  We will be there even before you draw in your breath to say the first word!  If you don't think you feel us now, you will.  Just ask us to come and believe we will.  For we do.  Often it will be just a shiver up your arm or a tingle on your head or hair.  If you hear a song that you like or see something you know would have pleased us, we are there.  If you even think of us, it is us giving you the memory.

Now this following advice is from us all.  So many of you are not making decisions because you don't know what we would want.  Just make your decisions on what YOU want to do.  If you need to sell cars or property, sell them!  If you need to move, do it.  If you want to get married again, by all means do it!  Many times we are the ones who are introducing you to your new opportunity or love.  We are still helping you find happiness and love even though we are not physically present.  We will not be upset or mad.  Anger and fear just aren't part of our understanding any more.  We just love you and respect you and are helping you.

I want to thank Barbara and Trudy for writing this book.  The fact that two people within one hour suggested me as a possible source of information for them, certainly says something for our eagerness to communicate with those who are still on earth-- in the fray so to speak.

Keep praying.  Prayers are needed for the world, for us on this side, and for those who still remain to do God's work on your side.

May you live in the peace we are resting in.
Dominus Vobiscum

Mychal's Prayer
Dear God,
Lord, take me where You want me to go;
Let me meet who You want me to meet;
Tell me what You want me to say, and
Keep me out of Your way.

A postscript from Angelspeake.
You are free to pass this on to anyone you think might be helped by this beautiful message.  Please, however, pass on the entire message along with the loving spirit of its contents.  May the angels bless all the survivors of 9-11, and help the world know peace.

Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

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