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What Color is the Middle?

My preteen daughter and I have been exploring talking to and seeing our Angels. One evening we were doing an Angel reading when she had a wonderful experience. She said she saw her great great grandmother. I was a little skeptical, because this grandmother passed away several years before Jesse was born.

Jesse described Great Gramma as wearing a maroon dress and having light pink wings. Great Gramma was in a park where she walked between a bench and a tree, then she dug a hole and planted a flower.

I asked Jesse what was the flower? She said it was a daisy, but she was a little confused that it wasn't white. I asked what color is the middle? She closed her eyes and looked, then said blue. I asked her to look more closely and not to be surprised what color she saw. She was surprised when she saw brown (Jesse is unfamiliar with wild flowers). The flower she was seeing was a Black Eyed Susan... unbeknown to my daughter... it was Great Gramma's favorite flower! 

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