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Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness (recorded LIVE webinar)
with Dr. Anne Marie Evers & Kate Large

Affirmations used properly Always Work!
~ Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Your words and the power energy behind them
create your reality. 

Are you creating a life of joy?  Or... ...not?

Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Kate Large have collaborated to bring to you this extraordinary 60 minute Life Changing program. 

Kate & Dr. Evers reveal the 5 "Ws" of affirmations and how to tap into Affirmation Power and attract the desires of your heart like a magnet!

In this program you will:

~ learn what affirmations are

~ learn how to use the 5 "Ws" to use affirmations properly so they always work!

~ tap into the power of your creation energy and direct it to manifest what you want instead of what you do NOT want with magical affirmations

~ reconnect with your subconscious thought to establish new neural pathways of creation

Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness Program


Dr. Anne Marie Evers, the Affirmation Doctor
Dr. Anne Marie is a member of the Canadian Guidance and Counseling Association, is certified in Child Psychology 212, Therapeutic Touch and Personal Development, Best Selling Author, Ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity. She was awarded Honorary Doctor of Philosophy by Moffett University for her lifetime achievements and dedication in uplifting, educating and empowering people worldwide.  Her significant contribution to the world of self-realization, psychology and personal development optimize the human spirit of service and speak to the oneness and potential for good available in all people.

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