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Abundance in All Things E-Course

There is a knock at your door.

You open the door and find Abundance in All Things.

Do you let Abundance in All Things in, or do you say you’re not interested today?


Are you ready for some GOOD changes in your life?? 

This e-course holds tools to create abundance and opportunity in your life – it explains in detail how to manifest or create the life you want and includes many support tools to help you maintain and REMEMBER to use your personal power to create the life you want.

We’ve all heard about how to do it, but how many of us are truly living the life we want to live – a life with enough money, enough love, good health, and a job we love? How many of us still have dreams?

If you’re like me, you’ve learned a few things on your trips around the block, but implementing – at least continually implementing them has been challenging. It’s been my experience that I would be creating the life I want, at least get on the path of the life I want, then I would find myself being human – getting caught up in the survival of every day life, i.e. laundry, dinner, work responsibilities, family responsibilities, raking leaves, mowing the yard, emptying the dishwasher – well, you get the picture… I continually found myself “forgetting” to ask God and the angels for help. As a result, life became a roller coaster of forgetting to ask and finding myself in a mess (because I can really make a mess when I work unsupervised trying to “make things happen” on my own). Upon waking up to the “mess” I created, I would remember to ask for help and life would get easier, but alas, I would get caught up in the physical world and “forget” again.

Living a roller coaster lifestyle creates havoc with finances and occasionally all areas of life. Worry becomes normal and when worry becomes a part of breathing, doors to abundance and opportunity close.  This is NOT a good picture.

Is worry normal for you, so normal that you don’t even realize how much you worry and fret about every little thing? You think you turn it over to God, and then next thing you know you’re playing with it again.

In looking back at when I have been living the life I wanted, I could see that even then some doors of abundance seemed to be closed or seemed to close just as I was about to walk through. Has this happened to you? This e-course will explain why this happens and how to prevent it!

If you don’t want to get closer to God, don’t go any further, because that’s what this is about, allowing God to become the pilot of your life. It’s not about religion; it’s about spirituality – your spirituality and your connection with God. This e-course will give you the tools (or remind you of the tools you already know) to discover (or return to) your Divine Life Path – the Divine Life Path with God that is abundant, joyful, happy and free from worry. This e-course will show you how to implement the tools into your daily life in such a way that they become your life – like breathing.

The Soul Kiss Abundance in All Things E-Course will show you how to:
• Identify negative thought patterns and beliefs and release them
• Discover/determine what you really want in your life
• Bring the things you want into the reality of the physical world
• Open the doors to abundance and the tools to keep them open
• Be rid of worries and fear in order to live your Divine Life Path
• Release clutter and negativity in order to maintain the life you want
• Tools to make the life you want be the “normal” way to live, like breathing

The Abundance in All Things E-Course consists of five (5) installments. You will receive the first installment immediately upon completion of payment at PayPal (our secure server). Then every other day, you will receive a new installment until you’ve received all five. 
BONUS!  When you order the Abundance in All Things E-Course you will also receive information on how to write an Abundance Check.  Invoke the unlimited abundance of the Universe during the next new moon with an Abundance Check!


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