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The Law of Attraction ~ in Practical Application Form

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The Secret is the Law of Attraction

Hi, Ill be your server today; my name is God/The Universe.
What do you desire?

God/The Universe asks us this each and every day when we wake up, how do we respond?

The Secret is the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction attracts to you what you continually think about consciously and more importantly unconsciously.

Look at your life honestly. What have you been thinking about - putting your focus on - to create the life you live? Is your habit to talk about, tell others about and focus on what you do not like? Are you attracting more and more of what you do not like?

The thoughts you have been thinking whether consciously or unconsciously have created the life you live.

Is it time for a change?

The key to creating the life you truly desire is to consciously choose your thoughts instead of living unconsciously allowing your unsupervised thoughts and beliefs to create your life.

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, opens our eyes to The Law of Attraction this e-course shows you how it works. This is an experiential e-course that gives you practical exercises to redirect the way you think to attract the life you truly desire.

The physical world conditions you to believe you are limited in what you can do, be or have. It is time to choose whether to believe that or not.

If you choose to believe physical world conditioning, stop here and continue to go forth with negative, fear based thoughts.

If you choose to believe you are an unlimited spiritual being who can do, have or be anything you wish, please proceed.


This is an experiential E-Course based on The Law of Attraction. People are discussing The Secret by Rhonda Byrne both the movie and the book. This E-Course provides practical, useful ways to implement the Law of Attraction to attract the life you desire.

You will learn:

* What the Law of Attraction is
* How to redirect your fear based thoughts to love based thoughts
* How to implement love based thoughts into your daily life
* How to become a magnet for what you truly desire
* How to change your life through gratitude (gratitude is easy and its free!)
* How to use affirmations powerfully
* How to place your order with the Universe to receive what you truly desire

The ecourse is ONE session only.

The Law of Attraction in Practical Application Form

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