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Worry & Stress Got Your Power? E-Course

Are you experiencing a life situation that is painful?

Are you drowning in fear? 

Are you worried? 


=====> Is this the way you want to live?  <=====

Need some help?

Dissolve Physical World Worry/Stress/Fear & Shift Your Vibrational Frequency
to that of Abundance, Harmony & Love

WARNING: When you dissolve the worry/stress/fear within you, not only will change within, you will change without all of the outside world that you touch will also shift and change. This is where change begins within each one of us.

The pathway to loving yourself is now open...


BONUS - MP3 Download: 
Healing Circle of Love as given by
Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

Fear Illuminated Defined:
Fear is worry, anger, resentment, frustration, irritation, anxiety, angst, doubt and stress.  Knowing this sheds a new light on what fear truly is.

As you know, fear is debilitating.  The time frame of July 2007 - July 2008 held for me "startling and unexpected" life events that surely would have dissolved my sanity had I not had the tools included in the Worry & Stress Got Your Power? Change It! E-course.

Do you long for loving, happy, harmonious relationships with family and friends? 

Do you wish to resolve and heal life situations? 

Do you want to move into a sense of peace, comfort and harmony based in joy?

Now you can have all this and more...

Worry and Stress Got Your Power? is an experiential E-Course that holds the tools to dissolve fear  - all the fears that you experience - all you must do is use the tools.  You will:

Learn how to identify the source of your stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, angst; thereby learning how to identify the source of your fear

Learn how to know you are in a fear base

Learn the most important thing you need to know to shift from a source of fear to a source of love

Learn the most powerful tool available today to shift your reality from fear to love

So many times we do not realize we are living from a source of fear.  We're doing all we know to do to be in a love state, then something will happen that shifts us and we look back and see that fear was in complete control of us and we were attracting fear based life situations and people.  Now is the time to change it!

The exercises of the Worry & Stress Got Your Power? E-Course are powerful and THEY WORK by shifting your vibrational frequency from that of fear to that of love.  Move through the sludge of physical world fear to joy filled love and attract to you that which you desire from a source of love. 

The Healing Circle of Love as given by Princess Diana and Mother Teresa is a powerful, powerful tool to aid in shifting from a vibration of fear to one of love.  The angelic realm will join you and move you into a state of peace as you have never before experienced.  Track one is the introduction.  Track two is the guided journey.

Worry & Stress Got Your Power? E-Course

BONUS Included: 
Healing Circle of Love as given by Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

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