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The Law of Attraction:

This E-Course will teach you:

What the Law of Attraction is
How to redirect your fear based thoughts to love based thoughts
How to implement love based thoughts into your daily life
How to become a magnet for what you truly desire
How to change your life through gratitude (gratitude is easy and its free!)
How to use affirmations powerfully
How to place your order with the Universe to receive what you truly desire

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Abundance in All Things:

This E-Course will show you how to:

Identify negative thought patterns and beliefs and release them
Discover/determine what you really want in your life
Bring the things you want into the reality of the physical world
Open the doors to abundance and the tools to keep them open
Be rid of worries and fear in order to live your Divine Life Path
Release clutter and negativity in order to maintain the life you want
Tools to make the life you want be the “normal” way to live, like breathing

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Worry and Stress Got Your Power?

In this E-Course you will:

Learn how to identify the source of your stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, angst; thereby learning how to identify the source of your fear
Learn how to know you are in a fear base
Learn the most important thing you need to know to shift from a source of fear to a source of love
Learn the most powerful tool available today to shift your reality from fear to love

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