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I've heard about Feng Shui for years, bought books and cards and become confused.  Then when the time was right - in God's time - I came across a book that dissipated the mystery of Feng Shui and released the magic - it was as if I had been taken by the hand...

The practice of Feng Shui jump starts Miracle Working.  Initially we clear away clutter; thereby, dissipating stagnant and negative energy.  We begin to make decisions - decisions on what we want in our lives.  We focus on determining what we want, whereas otherwise, most of us would be rolling through our physical world days just trying to get everything done that we need to do.  When we focus and determine what we want, we anchor it in the Universe with symbols.  This process enhances our lives by 1) Asking, 2) Believing we will receive, 3) Moving on with our lives and letting God and the angels work, 4) Being grateful that we receive.

I've found this chart to be true:


Articles about the results of anchoring intent with Feng Shui enhancements:

Artwork dos and don'ts!


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The book, Feng Shui for Your Home and Garden by Kathleen Quinn, is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to implement.  Kathy easily introduces the principals, concepts and symbols with both words and pictures.  Implementing Feng Shui principals into my Western contemporary lifestyle is creating incredible shifts in my life. 



  Layout the Bagua in the room, floor, or garden you want to add Feng Shui enhancements to and jump start miracles in your life.   

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