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Meet Your Money Angel!

Did you know you have a Money Angel? 

Many metaphysical teachers teach that money will not solve your problems, and this is true.

HOWEVER... money is only energy - just like everything else... 

And... when you shift YOUR energy where money is concerned and work with your Money Angel, you have the ability to master the ebb and flow of money in your life!

In this program you will:

* Learn about the energy of money
* Understand worry energy and learn how to stop succumbing to it
* Meet Your Worry Angel - and keep him out of the unemployment line!
* Meet Your Money Angel and learn how powerful the two of you can be to increase cash flow in your life!

There is a Universal Bank of Spirit that holds
MORE than enough money for you!

We all have multitudes of angels supporting us, guiding us and helping us to live more joy filled, happy lives!  Its time for you to officially meet some of yours and learn how SIMPLE it is to work with them!

How AWESOME would it be to have the power to manifest more money?

Meet Your Money Angel
Digital Download: $77 

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