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Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers Newsletter - May 28, 2015

Angelic Healing Soul Guidance + Angelic Message

It is so easy to get caught up in the urgency of work, housework, family and well... life.  Then the next thing you know, the week has evaporated, then the month, then the year and we're left standing there wondering, where did my life go?

Yet... the energy of our day to day living is shifting. 

Have you noticed that when you think back about your day, you "REMEMBER" more details?  You remember noticing the love in someone's eyes, or the beauty of nature, or how good it feels to BE where you are. 

If you've been noticing these things, its because you were "in the moment' during those experiences.

In-the-Moment is where we want to live our lives.  When we're in-the-moment, we have control of our focus.  By focusing our energy we create our lives.

The angels support the energies of this week (Angelic GPS) and share their wisdom with us:

Angel Message Hug of Support

Dearest Beautiful BE-ing of Light,

Breathe deeply with us dear one, and embrace the love that you are. 

Your world is one of hustle, bustle, but this is changing.  As your human spirit wakens to the light, you discover your time is not linear as you have believed. 

Time simply IS.

Your memories of before this moment make up your human belief systems.  They define what you believe to be your truth, but the light is revealing the fragility of the beliefs that are not in alignment with your truth.  And through this revelation you discover you have power within you that has been suppressed.

When you focus your attention in this moment - this one right here, as you read, your unrestricted energy creates a new reality of experience.

Your consciousness expands and your awareness of the power of your energy becomes clear.

BE-ing a limitless spiritual BEing is now understood.

This understanding shifts the axis of your human existence and powerfully brings in the Christ Conscious energy ascending the collective.

Limitless possibility is no longer a wish, but a tangible experience.

Breathe deeply with us dear one, and embrace the love that you are...

Your loving angels of light

We're told to "Live in the Moment" but in a hustle, bustle, hurried life, we wonder, "How do I do that?"

Mother Earth's energy is moving us into that place of BE-ing in-the-moment.  Embrace the moments you are in full consciousness and allow yourself to BE AWARE.

At first, the experience may seem surreal.  You've been so caught up in the physical that the power of this moment has eluded you, but now... here it is... 

When you experience this, make note of your energy:  what am I thinking?  Where am I focusing my energy?  If you're immersed in being worried, call on your Worry Angel and give the worry to him.  Then send love to the situation and everyone involved with the intention and focus of a higher outcome.  You'll be amazed at how beautifully everything works out.  Be open to miracle and hold your arms open wide to receive them!

With open heart, your angels will guide you and show you the way to reconnect with your soul to reveal the possibilities of your future - beginning with this moment of now.

YOU - ARE - POWERFUL!  Accept it, claim it, and use it!

In love and light,


Healing Soul Guidance Email Angel Reading

If you have not ordered your Healing Soul Guidance Angel Reading it is not too late.  However, the special expires tomorrow!  You may order yours here.  I anticipate completing all current orders no later than tomorrow afternoon and new orders by Tuesday.

Peek into Your Future

We're still in Mercury Retrograde - till June 11 - BE sure to ask your angels to help you:

~ check travel arrangements --- twice or THREE times!
~ confirm appointments,
~ get you to where you need to be at the right time,
~ communicate clearly with your spouse, family, children, boss and coworkers
~ triple check contracts before signing
~ have patience with your cell phone and all technology
AND... ~ peek into your future at the limitless possibilities that are yours!

Need help with peeking into your future during Mercury Retrograde?  The full webinar How to Peek into Your Future During Mercury Retrograde is now available - get your 5 Steps to Peek into Your Future when you click here.

Your Secret Door to Success

If your heart longs for a loving, supportive, intimate family community that will guide you step-by-step to transform your life to love or above and create your personal, customized manifesting blueprint, this is your lucky day!

The Secret Door to Success MASTERMIND will begin June 15. 

Unsure?  Here's what Amy had to say: 

Dear wonderful Kate,

It is hard to put into words how incredible I think you and your programs are, but I will try!

After participating in the Game of Life Mastery Program and experiencing tremendous spiritual and personal growth, I was extremely excited to take part in The Secret Door to Success Mastermind. This program is truly incredible and I can honestly say I am a different person (in a very, very good way!) than I was before I started.

Kate Large is an extremely gifted spiritual guide and teacher. She truly cares about her students and her love and support is the secret ingredient that makes her programs have such power. I feel truly blessed to have found her and her programs and teachings.

I have been on a spiritual path most of my life, turning to God for help to survive an abusive childhood and then an unhappy, unloving marriage. I struggled with low self esteem and low self worth and feeling not good enough and undeserving.

Kate and the other amazing people who were part of the mastermind with me created a safe, loving supportive space for me to heal and grow.

This program is so amazing because as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I know this program and Kate's love and wisdom has truly Healed My Soul.

Parts of me I didn't even know were broken are now healed and whole and I look at life through new eyes, with a loving, positive outlook.

I have changed from a person filled with fear and desperation, hoping and praying something would finally change, to a strong woman who Knows she is the Master Creator of her own life and all that I desire is Mine! Moving from hoping and wishing to true knowing is an invaluable gift and I will be forever grateful to Kate and all the people who I now consider my dear friends who did the program with me.

Search your heart, if you are led to this program, you will be truly amazed at the powerful positive changes it will invoke within you. Take the chance, you are worth it and I assure you Kate will not let you down!

Kate, I mean every word - when we joined the SDS Mastermind, you promised we would create a manifesting blueprint that we could use for the rest of our lives - you completely fulfilled your promise! You are a such a blessing. Thank you for everything.

With love and gratitude,
South Carolina, US

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