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Allow the angels to support you as you walk your Divine life path with
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Soul Kisses are spiritual affirmations sent daily to you through email. They are an angel hug and a hand of support in your inbox - a daily reminder that you are not alone in your physical world journey.

Most Soul Kisses are dictated to Kate by the angels, but sometimes affirmations from other sources are used.

Positive affirmation can change your life when they resonate deep within you.  It is your choice as to whether it is a band-aid to ease the pain of what is really going on in your life o the catalyst to look deep within to honestly discern what the core of your resistance is and heal it.  The Soul Kiss affirmation is a tool to help you do this. 

When reading a Soul Kiss there are times that it will resonate deep within you, as if it were written just for you.

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The Power of Affirmations:

The Encarta Dictionary defines an Affirmation as: a positive statement of achievement – a positive thought or statement affirming that a desired goal has been reached or is within reach.

Affirmations are “Energy Orders” we send out to the universe both consciously and subconsciously. Our words and thoughts are energy – when we affirm something positive, we condense energy into positive form. Example: A great parking place is always waiting for me.

When we affirm something negative, we condense energy into a negative form. Example: I can never find parking.

When an affirmation resonates within us on a deep, soul level, it holds tremendous power. We discern that an affirmation resonates with us by how our body feels when we read it or say it.

Unlikely Example: I will ride on a purple elephant tomorrow. This is unlikely to happen so when we read it or say it, the energy behind it is flat and we feel within us that it isn’t true.

Likely Example: I always have enough air to breathe. Having enough air to breathe resonates within us because we know it is true. If you didn’t “notice” how your body felt when you read each affirmation, say each one out loud and notice how your body feels.

Affirmations mirror your core beliefs about yourself so they must resonate or “click” with you to be the most powerful. When you read or say an affirmation that isn’t aligned with your inner, core beliefs, then don’t use it or rewrite it so it does “click” or resonate with you.

If you wake during the night, use the time to your advantage. Say one or several of your affirmations as a mantra while you go back to sleep. This uses the Theta brain wave to anchor your affirmations firmly and set their energy into motion.

Remember, you are a powerful, limitless, spiritual being that can be, do and have anything your heart desires. Use your affirmations powerfully and open your arms to receive all that you wish for.

I hope you enjoy your complimentary Soul Kiss subscription. 

May you be profoundly blessed in this moment and in every moment after...

In love and light,

Soul Kisses




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