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Angel in the Amethyst

Angel in the Amethyst
(This picture does not do her justice - she is so much more beautiful than I could capture...)

Glenwood Springs, Colorado is a beautiful mountain town with wonderful surprises hidden in the shops.  One of my favorites is High Country Gems and Minerals.  They carry a wonderful variety of gems and stones, including angels and crystals.  When Patti is working, the shop also holds a very, very special angel that is of a magical energy - the Angel in the Amethyst.

Mother earth gave birth to her in an amethyst mine in Uraguay.  Her journey was one of an amethyst cluster to Colorado.  When Patti saw her, she was immediately struck by the angel's beauty, her love and her magical energy.  In the sharp intake of breath, the angel came home to her new caregiver - life with Patti.

When Patti is scheduled to work she wraps the enchanted angel in a special cloth of love and takes her to the gem shop to share the angel's magical qualities and energy with the customers who come in. Many adults and children come into the shop to see "the angel." Some burst into tears upon seeing her. Her beauty is nothing short of miraculous and her loving energy is all encompassing.

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that "amethyst is able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence."  The ancient Greeks called the this stone amethystos which means "not drunken" (they thought it would protect them from drunkenness).  Having seen this beautiful magical angel myself, I feel her energy is loving and pure - it strips away the "drunken" energy of the physical world and leaves you feeling "touched by the loving hand of the Mother - Mary."

The angel is embedded, yet presented beautifully on a stage of brilliantly sparkling amethyst.  My picture really doesn't do her justice - she is so incredibly, breath takingly beautiful. 

If you are ever traveling through Glenwood Springs, Colorado, please stop at High Country Gems and Minerals and ask to see the Angel in the Amethyst.  Just seeing her is a gift you won't forget!

High Country Gems and Minerals, 311 8th Street, Glenwood Springs, CO  81601, phone:  970-945-8137.

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