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Angels in the Clouds

This picture was taken in the fall on the highest paved road in the US - Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Forest in Colorado with a 35MM camera. It had been raining, it was chilly and I took this picture through the windshield. You see it looks as if we were driving right into heaven.

I wanted to learn how to make a picture more transparent, so I scanned this picture and began to play with it in Paint shop Pro 7.  I didn't know what I was doing and somehow I "accidentally" cut the image in half and mirrored it.

The end result, below, is one of those "happy accidents."  I looked away and looked back and saw an angel in the image! I printed it out and saw crosses, angel wings, cherubs as well as many other things in the image.

Below are some of the images circled.

What the Angels had to say...
I was incredibly intrigued and awed by the images revealed. On June 14, 2004, I asked the angels about it. Their response is in italics:

Dearest Angels, This photo is amazing. Why did you show me this?

Good morning, Dear One, We want to show you that we are here – validation.

What does it mean? With all the images?

We are always here, we are every where – even in the clouds – clouds are taken for granted, as you do with us – wanting to do everything on your own, “making things happen” As the clouds overhead, we are here waiting to help you, all you have to do is ask and the doors will be opened to help you.

The world is changing – shifting. The spiritual perception of us as God’s messengers and God is in a shifting of consciousness – an opening of the mind to the possibility of and you lightworkers who feel the need – the unfulfilled need to be doing something will be guided to teach how easy it is to connect with us – how easy, EASY it is to make the connection and get 24/7 guidance.

We’re here to help you make this transition from every day physical world expectations – to working for God spiritually – teaching others how easy it is to connect with us and understand our guidance, understand their path, feel the absolute resonating love of God permeating their lives, touching other people – always touching other people.

Dear one, ask for our help, ask for our help in EVERY LITTLE THING – you must – you want to feel completely centered in what we are doing together – our mission together to help others open the door and ask us in. When you ask us to help with every little thing, then you won’t be worrying and fretting – because you do fret, and you loose your feelings of peace, joy, harmony and LOVE – so ask, ask for help with every thing. Give the worries to us.

Your loving angels...

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