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Majik Notices the Orbs

I had to crop the larger image into two so it would fit on this page. 
If I reduced the original to fit on the page the orbs would be to small and faint to see. 

There are a few orbs in this picture.  One is between the plant on the speaker and the TV cabinet.  To the right of that is a bolder orb that appears to have been moving as it was photographed just above the end table.  Then directly above the tissue box there are a few very faint orbs - this picture is almost too small to see them.

This side of the picture has five orbs.  There is a small orb that was moving as it was photographed on the back of the chair just above the right arm.  There is a very small orb just above the chair on the railing of the étagère.  Just above that to the left is a slightly larger orb.  To the right of that just under the shelf is a much larger orb that is very faint.  To the right of that there is a huge one that is bisected by the shelf, but it too is faint.

These orbs were captured by my digital camera on January 30, 2007.  We were watching TV when Majik began to watch the orbs and play with them.  All the pictures I took of this side of the room had angel orbs in them.  I've cropped the individual and group orbs below. 



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