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Arizona Cactus View of the Physical World

My beloved, Fred, surprised me with a four day Valentine's trip to Phoenix Arizona. Here in Colorado the day before we left people were out and about in shorts and t-shirts. When we left at o'dark thirty on Valentine's Day it was a blinding snowstorm. Fred had planned spending the entire time (well... most of the entire time) lying beside the pool soaking up sun. However, it rained and was cool, so we took a ride around the area. I couldn't believe it when I saw this cactus - I asked Fred to stop so I could take a picture of it. It seemed as if he (the cactus) were speaking to me. I knew I had to sit with the picture and discover what he (the cactus) had to say:

We too are living and of God. Of course you already knew that... lol... You humans travel the earth in your hustle bustle and often times don't even see or feel the God of the Universe who is merged within you. You don't notice the energy of the air, of Mother Earth, of the rocks, the water, the animals or the energy of us... the plants. We feel. We experience energy, whether it is good or it is bad. We experience love.

I too have plant angels that tend to me as you have angels who tend to you. I connect to All That Is through not only my roots into Mother Earth, but as I am embraced by the air around me, I join with The Creator of All That Is, for The Creator and I, you and I, are One.

Within my cells is the life blood energy of the entire planet - as are within your cells. I come humbly to share this information with you to remind you that you too, are joined with God - never separate. We are all connected, one to another. Honor that from deep within you to experience all that is... love.

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