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Colorful Orbs


This photograph on the left was taken March 6, 2009 in Kate's backyard.  The photo on the right was enhanced with PaintShop Pro 9.  The lines in the orb are tree limbs. 

The above photo was taken the same night - below it has been enhanced with PaintShop Pro 9 and magnified 500 times:


I see faces in this orb.  What do you see?  Sit with the orb and ask who it is and why they are here. 

I'm amaze because I "see" my little white dog, Buster, that had made his transition in January. This brought tears to my eyes!! He was showing me that he's still in spiritual form and continues to be near by. As I look at it for the second time, I see that he's sitting next to a black cat. I don't know who this is but I do know that he liked cats! Again too amazing!!

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