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House TLC brings guests - Garage Party!
Angels, Guides, Deceased Loved Ones...

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I split the image below because when I reduced the image the orbs were harder to see.

There was an angelic party going on in the garage with Fred! Helpers of support were all over the place. At first I wondered about the dust causing the orbs, but the next morning I went into the garage before Fred began to work, while all was quiet and blew dust around and took pictures - no orbs. Then I sat with the pictures and asked what was going on...

The energy from the orbs was... electric!  Excitement and joy!  There was great celebration of home improvement - showing the house our commitment to living here and truly embracing it as our sanctuary.  Plus the experience Fred and I were receiving of producing the project together.  The act of creating something beautiful that we would love and enjoy together, was indeed, cause for celebration!  Not to mention great entertainment for Big Jim and other deceased family members.  From where they are they see the ins and outs of all projects and do what they can to help us to reach completion.

Fred's waders hanging on the garage wall here to the right were a backdrop for even more orbs - spilling into the house where I was standing!  If the dust had been causing the orbs they would have been more centered around where Fred was working.

I wandered throughout the house taking pictures and captured many more orbs. Alvin, Big Jim's skunk, had joined us - I captured his "zero orb" in Majik's bed as he waited for Majik to come back and play!

Majik sitting at the top of the stairs watching the angelic entourage at our house.

Reason for the angelic party:
Fred and I have been talking about remodeling the kitchen for years... Deep within I knew that involving the house in a TLC project (Tender Loving Care) would be of huge benefit for all concerned. So after weeks of talking colors and processes, we finally purchased paint for the walls and cabinets.

Of course painting the walls and cabinets required removing things and creating a somewhat organized chaos. This said, the goal was to complete the painting in one weekend. The completed effort of painting the walls and cabinets was so awesome (I'm thrilled) Fred decided we should replace the countertops too! Well... if the countertops were replaced, then I requested an island off the end of the counter with bar stools to replace the kitchen nook. If an island were installed, then it would be best to include new cabinets under it to utilize the space in the best way. Are you seeing more work here?

We used upper cabinets under the island to maintain the space for stools and proper movement, so Fred had to build the base for them, hence, the garage was transformed into a working shop.

One of the vents had to be moved in the kitchen floor and it wasn't cooperating - at least that is what it sounded like... so I asked for angelic help. Next thing I knew I heard the sounds of mission accomplished. I asked Fred if he asked for help, he said no. I told him I did. He thanked me and I heard my dad, Big Jim, say, "You're welcome." So I reminded Fred to thank the helper...

It was about this time that Majik began to really enjoy himself. He was playing and wanting to go out - in and out - in and out. Then I realized he was wanting to go out so much because "they - Big Jim and friends" were going through the dining room door and he couldn't - I had to open it for Majik's physical body. I got my camera and took pictures.

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