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Hail Angels June 7, 2009

I asked the angels to protect my flowers from the hail.  The hail ranged from pea to golf ball size.  Notice the essence and orb above the chair on the right to the left of the umbrella.  See Enhanced below:

Hmmm... I've seen that essence before... Daddy, what can you tell us about the essence in the backyard?

You know it was me with your morning glories! Hail and the cold don't bother me anymore... (The things we do for our kids...) Don't worry about the morning glories, they are hearty and will be fine even though they are on the ground now. Remember as a farmer I had to work hard to kill them! We'll save them together.

I know how scared you would get when it stormed when you were a child. You are conquering your fears and I'm so proud. It isn't easy to live as a human on Mother Earth and not succumb to the fear of things you cannot control. Each one of you has the choice of giving in to your fear and allowing it to run your life for you or holding fast to your personal power and negating the fear.

Don't let human fear beat you up. Like I've told you before, you are more powerful than you think!

~Big Jim

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