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Keith's Heart Orb

My friend Victoria shared the photograph above of the heart orb.  Her brother Keith took the photo.  This is his story: 

On July 11, 2007, Keith was driving home during a horrible storm through a gorge. He was concerned about washouts due to the torrential rain. As he drove over this bridge he felt a thump when the back tires grasped the pavement pulling his Tahoe to safety as the bridge washed away. Upon reaching the other side, he turned his vehicle around to view the bridge in the headlights. He could see that a portion of the bridge was missing. The next day he returned and photographed the missing section. He did not see the orb in the photograph until he viewed it on his computer screen.

Keith firmly believes his angels were helping him to get home safely that night.

Someone told Victoria they felt it is the essence of Mother Mary.

This morning, August 8, 2007, I printed out the picture held it near my own heart and asked Spirit to show me who the essence is and what it means.  I was shown that it is not only the essence of Mother Mary, but Jesus, Mary Magdalene, their children, angels and Keith's loved ones who have transitioned as well - All that God Is...  The essence is the love of God...

We humans recognize the symbol of the heart as love - here it is in glowing, beautiful glory to show us the eternity of love and life - yes, the physical body expires, but the love, the spirit, lives on.  The brightness of the heart symbolizes the power of love.  No matter what, love always lives.

It was not Keith's time to go and his angels, God's messengers, helped him cross the bridge safely.  In capturing this image he may now share this gift with the world.

Dearest Children,

The heart and its message are to share with the world... there is fear in the hearts of many...  the love of God cleanses and clears - as the rain from the night before - washes away the fear leaving peace, love and light within us.  Trust in the power of the unconditional love of The Creator of All That Is...

Share the love within you with all you meet, all you touch - and yes, you do touch the clerk who waits on you, the person who comes in the door behind you that you held the door for, the person in the lane next to you while traveling from place to place - you touch many in your days and your nights - share the love - release the fear...

People are experiencing and sharing more and more encounters with us - share them, share them!  The sharing of such love elevates the consciousness of the physical world one person at a time...

Your loving angels...

Print out the picture of the orb.  Sit quietly and hold it to your heart.  Ask your angels, your guides, The Creator of All that Is, to show you the essence and to feel the love.  It is truly a memorable, exhilarating experience!

In love and light,

Shared by Victoria Rollins and Keith Damon.

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