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Kate & Michelle's Orbs

Michelle's orb cluster cropped and reduced

Michelle's orb cluster 100%
The image is the divided aspects of Michelle in a cluster -
Michelle's essence, her guides, angels and teachers - her angelic entourage. 

Michelle's Angel orb full image reduced.  The arrow points to the "Angel Orb".

Michelle's Angel orb copped 100%

Michelle's owl cropped and reduced

Michelle's owl cropped 100%

The image above is of the owl who joined Michelle's photo shoot.  Together the orbs and the owl had something to say.  The message to Michelle and the rest of us concerns wisdom.  The owl is a sign of wisdom - when we work with our angels, guides and teachers, wisdom is ours in all things - in all ways.  The owl can see what others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom - seeing what is real rather than the illusion.  When we live our lives in tandem and harmony with our angelic entourage and nature we cannot be deceived - we have the wisdom of knowing within the true discernment of all that is around us - unseen truths are revealed.

Kate's original orb group image cropped and reduced.
The black fuzzy on the lower left is Majik Poodle's head.

Kate's orb group cropped 100%

The image to the left is the photo I took June 24, 2008 in my backyard.  The orbs have a similar message to me to pull myself together - myself being my spiritual essence as well as my angelic entourage of angels, guides and teachers.  When working with them becomes "normal" my life is easier - a life lived without fear.  For living my life with them can only be from a source of love and there is no room for fear in love.  There is great power in living a continual connection with spirit and nature. 

We must remember we are limitless spiritual beings - our photographs are showing us without even pointing the camera at ourselves...

We aren't alone here on Mother Earth, the sooner we acknowledge, understand and accept this, the sooner we can embrace what we really came here to do.  The excitement of possibilities are all encompassing!

What have you discovered in your photographs that your human eyes did not see?

Thank you, so much, Michelle for sharing your wonderful photographs with us!

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