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Orb with faces

This photograph was taken November 25, 2008 in my (Kate's) living room.  The oblong light is NOT an orb - it is a reflection from a mirror.  However, there are several orbs in the photograph.  The one of note is the white one with the iridescent colors and the faces. 

I clearly saw the bright orb in the screen of the camera after I snapped the photo.  I was thrilled when I looked at it on my larger computer monitor and clearly saw my dad's face in the right side of the large orb.
Photo cropped and enlarged 133%

Photo cropped, enlarged 133% and zapped with One Step Photo Fix of PaintShop Pro 9 to brighten the orb

I sat with the photo and used the Communicating with Orbs guided meditation and received this message:

The orb's message for you dear Kate is one of laughter and joy.  The face to the right is of Big Jim laughing - he is directly telling you to lighten up!  In laughter is love and love is the highest vibration - the frequency of highest good.  In this love frequency/vibration, you experience the greatest clarity for guidance of what step to take next, of creativity, of open reception to the answer to your questions. 

The woman's face in the orb is yours to remind you that you are one with us - those of the spirit realm - One with God.  As you write this you see the other faces and the angels in the orb, they too are showing you that we are all One with The Creator. 

Each one of you are of the light, look within to discern this truth within you.  It is of great importance that each of you do this.  In so doing the physical world conditioning and teachings will fall away to reveal the truth of the limitless spiritual beings that you are - as the circle of the orb, never ending - limitless.  You have the ability to manifest what you desire, to heal your own bodies and to fulfill the mission you chose when you incarnated to Mother Earth.

You will be seeing more orbs in your photos, they generate questions from within of "what are they?" Sit with us, we will tell you all there is to know.  You must be open to the information...

Each one reading this, take this information and lighten up, shift your frequency/vibration to that of love and laugh.  It is then that you will be open to the knowings of your life path, to the guidance, to the receipt of abundance to share with the world.

In shifting from fear to love, you will experience Heaven on Earth...

In great love, your Angelic Entourage...

Then I was blessed by receiving this picture of Big Jim from my sister, Beverly Speakes.  It was taken when he was a very young man - of course he is sitting on a motorcycle! 

This photo validates that the image is Big Jim's face!

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