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Double Rainbow Hug from the other side in Colorado

Here in Colorado, rainbows are prevalent.  I love rainbows.  They have always made me feel loved like a huge hug from an angel.  In a reading my mom received from shortly after my dad died, he told us he can make rainbows with exhaust from his heavenly motorcycle. 

I had been feeling human and sad about my grandfather. 

Then it rained. 

Then the sun came out. 

Then I felt better:

As always, I was very excited to experience the rainbow and capture it in my camera.   With my eye, I could only see the one rainbow, but when I viewed the slide show on the computer, clearly there is a second faint rainbow - and there are ORBS!  I felt the hug not only from the angels, but from Big Jim and Grandpa too.  I felt immense gratitude deep within.  Then I heard a smiling, loving, "You're welcome." 

For those who think orbs in images are caused by dust - how much dust is floating around in the air after a soaking rain?


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