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Photos of Spirit and Orbs

These photos were taken by my cousin Scotty in the mountains of Colorado.  He was trying to photograph orbs off the deck in the woods.  Instead he got these spirits.  In the photograph above I can clearly see a face to the right, then under the upside down sideways "E"  there is a figure with hands to the mouth as if to call someone.

In this image I see to the right a figure -  head, shoulders body - with a puppy face in the chest.

Big Jim told us that we'll be getting more images of spirit in our photographs along with the orbs. A few nights later, Scotty took this photo with orbs:

Big Jim, do you have anything to add?

Ya'll are easily entertained (laughing)...  You'll be seeing more and more of these images - the orbs and spirit - in your photographs.  For some it will be a wake up call to further your connection and bond with the Big Man. 

Yes, I know referring to The Creator as the Big Man really isn't politically correct, but it is habit...

The Creator of all that is, is the All.  That is the only way to describe Him/Her - The Creator.  The human mind can only take in so much and you are restricted by words.  When you truly connect deep within and pull forth the knowing you have deep within you, you'll know what I'm talking about.

As you all evolve, you'll be able to see the orbs, the spirits with your human eyes.  It will take time - some already see them.  As one shifts into the state of love everything changes - including your ability to see and know.  Allow these things to be.  Investigate further as to who and what the orbs and spirits are in your photographs.  All you need to do is set the intent and be open to the answers.

You are blessings of the light.

~Big Jim

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