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Orbs in the Sunset

I used Paintshop Pro 9's Enhance feature to bring out the orbs.

See the original below:


Sunset Orbs

For those of us whose loved ones have transitioned back to the spiritual realm, we now experience many things (seemingly) alone, that we once shared.  Things that we take for granted, like a sleepy face at the breakfast table, a surprise call during the day, shopping together, holding hands, playing a game, talking, sunrises and sunsets...  Recently Big Jim got into "the picture" to show my mom that he is still sharing sunsets with her. 

One evening Mom saw this sunset and felt compelled to go out and capture it with her camera.  Daddy, as well as many others, joined her as you can see in the pictures above.

Losing a loved one is so hard.  The grief is just unbearable at times.  Then they connect with us and we feel it - we know it - we experience them being with us and we are comforted.  Life will never, ever, be the same - life is forever to be different and we must continue our lives without them in this physical realm, yet... with them... in another form.  When we are open to their love, we receive messages in amazing ways that validate that they are still with us.

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